Kreayshawn’s ‘Something About Kreay’ First Week Sales Revealed

On May 25th, 2011 we introduced you to Kreayshawn with the music video for her eventual breakout hit "Gucci Gucci." That single YouTube video landed her a one million dollar deal with Sony just five days later. Unfortunately for both Kreayshawn and Sony, that record deal has seemed to be the apex of her career. 

Over a year later, with little touring or hype of any kind, Kreayshawn released her debut album 'Something About Kreay.' Well, the first week numbers are in and it's almost hard to believe how little her record sold. 

Between physical and digital sales, 'Something About Kreay' only totaled 3,900 units sold in the first seven days. To put that into some sort of perspective — Kreayshawn failed to crack the Top 50 Billboard chart, as she was beat out by the likes of Kidz Bop 22 which charted at #46 and sold over double the amount of Something About Kreay.

Written By: DV
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  • Jerry Martinez

    Ouch! *Andrew Bynum face*

    • Sarah Moore


    • Caviar Jones.

      lmao i gave the exact same face when i saw this!

    • Caviar Jones.

      lmao i gave the exact same face when i saw this!

  • Jerry Martinez

    Ouch! *Andrew Bynum face*

  • SDJJ

    All 3,900 bought it for Cudi

  • CM1212

    ha dam that that’s so funny but sad at the same time. That’s the end of her music career.

  • James Campbell-Laing

    Sony completeley dropped the ball damn. Took forever to come out with new music

  • Todd Levy

    Its things like this that make me so confused how atheists exist…

  • RealTalk

    Wasn’t surprised at all. Kreay was a one hit wonder, and besides her “Gucci” song that came out, her talent is lacking. She was garbage to begin with so the sales of her “debut” album isn’t surprising.

  • Dawn Edwards

    She was all HYPE and in the word of Bobbie Miles “Hype ain’t real”