Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “Thrift Shop” Goes Quadruple Platinum


More chart news? Sure, why not. Today it was announced that Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' massive breakout single "Thrift Shop" has gone quadruple platinum

Their recent appearance on Saturday Night Live can be attributed to the spike, while the record surpassing the five million mark is in sight. 

Written By: DV
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  • Killa Kail

    This is really really shocking. 4x Platinum now, gotta give it up for them.

  • Dickman Dick

    Anything that appeals to the masses (which is broke) will be popular.

  • Chris Molanphy

    A valid milestone, but there’s no “spike”–amazingly, the 326K figure is *down* 10% from last week’s sales total.

  • Macklemore

    Hey reddit

    • NWlocal

      Hi Macklemore, congrats

  • Nathan Gross

    i don’t like that song too much, but god damn am I happy for them.

  • DQ

    It’s a great song. But the video is f*ing awesome.